; Water District Tool Makes Lifting equipment that needs repairs easy

Water Districts

We have the perfect water district tool.

If lifting pumps and engines in old engineered buildings have been an issue or replacing and installing new units have been cumbersome then we have the answer for you. Here is the solution that The City of San Diego, California, Seminole County, Florida, City of Henderson, Nevada, Tennessee Valley Authority and others have found, The EZ Rig Crane.

Risking workers’ injuries or trying to lift too much weight in awkward positions is a thing of the past. Roll the EZ Rig Crane into your confined location, lift and adjust the boom into problem areas or lift units over obstacles.


Above ground or below, this water district tool (or mini crane, if you will) can get into your impossible locations and make the job easily and meets your safety requirements.

Most governments, cities and counties automatically qualify for NET 30 terms. Contact us today for more information.


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