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glass installation crane used by Splash Glass

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(note this was our blue crane, we now ship all minicranes in safety orange)


Glass installation crane - Glazing - Glazier lifting mini crane

The E-Z Rig Crane is great for glass installation and lifting heavy and fragile glass.

Alan Maxwell, owner of Action Glass in Blaine, Washington found that some cranes were too large, and some too small to do his glass installation and remodel job. Because it was perfect for the job, he chose the glass installation crane by E-Z Rig. He used it to remove old windows and skylights and install new ones at this beach side home.

To get the job done fast and easy, Alan used the E-Z Rig glass installation Crane with a Woods Power-Grip vacuum lifter.

So – what were the main advantages of using the E-Z Rig Crane?

Get a glass installation crane to help with the heavy lifting!

Alan said, “I saved 2 employees per day on this job, due to using the E-Z Rig Crane. And with some windows, I used the crane to remove the glass clean out and prepare the window frame for new glass, all by myself. Consequently using the glazing crane made it easy for 2 men to replace 2 or 3 large units every day. And I used the jib-boom attachment for extra height, to lift and position the upper windows and the skylights.”

Alan said, “I used the crane with a below-the-hook, rotating channel-lifter suction device. This crane with its small lifting point let me lift the glass that goes right up to the soffit (over-hang) and easily position it for installation. This is something you couldn’t do with a larger crane.”

What’s more, Alan said, “I was able to easily maneuver the glass installation crane and suction lifter under load to place the upper windows and the skylights. I rolled the crane with the load and lifted the glass to exactly the height I needed. I rotated the pane into place, then made adjustments as small as 1/4 to 1/2 inch with the up/down switch.

So easy to install the heavy glass.

With the panes already in the hole, Alan was able to insert 1/8-inch adjustment blocks to get square alignment. Some of the windows were 36 in. x 102 in. — most were 4 ft x 10 ft.”

Alan said, “Once I got the panes into position with the crane and suction lifter, I could relax. The glazing crane worked just fine for the upper windows, and for the lower windows it was great to use the crane just to rotate the glass. The E-Z Rig Crane also worked just fine for the skylights.”

In the narrow alley on the side of the house, Alan found the E-Z Rig Crane worked great. He used the jib-boom attachment to get high enough to position the skylights and upper windows on the side of the house. He used an extra-long tether to control the crane precisely from the ladder.

So – If YOU need to remove and replace large window glass or skylights — and position them precisely, join Alan Maxwell and others in the glass industry who use the E-Z Rig Glazing Crane to work better and easier. Give us a call. We’ll make it easy for you to use the E-Z Rig Crane.

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See Alan Maxwell company’s video. You’ll see the EZ Rig Crane used to get their work done.
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