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How We Insure Safety

Safety of our EzRig Crane and for your company


Our EzRig Crane is manufactured to the highest standards. Although our product is fairly new, our manufacturers have been in steel fabrication manufacturing for over 20 years.

We meet or exceed the highest OSHA standards


We qualify for Europe’s CE stamp

And we’re made right here in the USA

Load Chart

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Our Safety Standards

What that means is we are engineered for and rated at 150% +
We use a safe design and build program
We are designed for pick and carry
We have a safety check valve
We have a 3:1 rated hook to 3 tons
We are powder coated in safety orange
We have a legal boom deflection as calculated and stamped by a Registered Structural Engineer
We have rear brakes
We have a winch shield that comes with the winch
And our operator certification includes an annual inspection procedure and documentation.


And so you know your employees will be acting according to the highest safety standards, we provide training videos on ourĀ support and video page.

And we have a full training manual for you to download to read and review.


We even provide a comprehensive safety test if you’d like to have your employees pass before operating the EzRig Crane.

Please contact us if you’d like to be given the certification test or call 805-643-4387.