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One of our earlier blue cranes moving wall panels up from the ground.

General Contractor Tools and Equipment

When you think of general contractor tools and equipment you think of hammers, saws, drills and the like, but what about those jobs like high rises, multi-story projects, retro fits, and other jobs where you need to move materials around but you’re limited in your options.

You have sheet rock, lumber, roofing materials, maybe even steel fabrication and they need to get moved from floor to floor or up a few stories at a time.

Sure you could rent a crane for a few months and pay an operator to run it, while it takes up space, but it is limited in that it is always going to be lifting up, what if you need to be moving materials around within a floor or need to lower down an elevator shaft but it’s not connected to the top floor?

There’s a much more cost effective solution — The EzRig Crane.

It can go through standard 3 foot doors and can fit on to standard elevators (if you easily disassemble the EzRig) or on some freight elevators, in its working configuration. Then from any floor, its steel cable can bring up your heavy objects from as far as 13 stories below, and it can lift weights up to 2,000 pounds up a story or two. It rolls conveniently across the room or floor with its 8″ caster wheels and can configure its legs into positions other options can’t get into.

So you can get all of your subs using this one tool saving you all of the valuable space of them bringing in all of their lifts, hoists, and scaffolding. A crane rental on a job site can run $100,000 – $500,000 while the EzRig Crane’s purchase price is less than about 10% of that price and you can use it again and again on your next jobs, making the EzRig Crane pay for itself within the first few weeks on the job. How would you like to get an ROI of less than a month on all of your investments?

So while you’re thinking of your next project, give us a call at 805-643-4387 and use the general contractors tools and equipment choice — the EzRig Crane.