; Treatment plants maintenance tool - the EZ Rig mini crane

Treatment Plants

Do you do maintenance for treatment plants?

See what TPO Magazine and these fine cities, districts, and authorities already know. The City of San Diego, California, Seminole County, Florida, City of Henderson, Nevada, Tennessee Valley Authority and others are already using The EZ Rig Crane.


Do you have to lift heavy motors, blowers or pumps from time to time?

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Are they in hard to get to locations?

Or do you need to lift over pipes or other objects?

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Then you owe it to yourself and your city or district to investigate the EZ Rig Crane, with its ability to roll into tight spaces, configure its legs around objects, its boom that can extend 6, 8, 10, even 12 feet over items in your way (depending on weight), and with the ability to lift or lower heavy fans, blowers, pipes, mixers, motors, or pumps many stories down.

Lowering into tight space

It can lift weights that would require many men to lift (and forklifts, gantries, and other fixed lifting solutions just can’t get to efficiently or affordably) while they’d be risking injury and needless workman’s comp claims. The EZ Rig Crane’s mini crane can lift up to 2,000 pounds, depending on configuration.
treatment plant lifting by EZ Rig Crane

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