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Specialty Engine Repair

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Specialty Engine Repair

Whatever your specialty engine repair issue is, the EzRig Crane is here to help.

  • Aircraft
  • Boats
  • Military Tanks
  • Others

If you need to perform the repair and hoist the engine out of a boat in the water, a military vehicle in the field, or an airplane in a hangar, then you know that sometimes standard engine hoists are limited in what they can do and some other solutions are overkill and too expensive.

You need to lift up to 2,000 pounds, CHECK.
You need to lift it up as high as 16 feet, CHECK.
You need to roll it into position, CHECK.
You need to get into unique positions, CHECK.
You need to lower the engine too, CHECK.
You need to get it into a 3 foot doorway, CHECK.

View our video page for demonstrations.

And call us to see if we can help your specialty engine repair needs. 805-643-4387