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Steel Fabrication lifting

Steel fabrication lifting

Steel fabrication lifting in difficult spots is always a challenge and many times requires expensive solutions. Imagine having to put 35 1,000 pound steel beams into the proper place to replace rotting wood beams on a multi-million dollar home jutting out into the Pacific Ocean.

Instead of hiring the very expensive operation of having a helicopter do the job, the EzRig Crane was chosen and completed the job on time, under budget, and safely.

It’s also cost efficient in operator training. You don’t need a certified crane operator to operate the EZ Rig Crane, any of your semi-skilled laborers can be taught how to rig your pieces, spread the legs, raise the boom with its hydraulic lever, and push the electric button that operates the winch.

And think about those jobs that you might consider a full size crane that blocks city streets, requires permits, special times of operation, etc. This mini crane fits right up near the building or can be dismantled, reassembled, and taken to the roof or higher floors where equipment and pieces can be lifted up 135′.

Any job (especially high-rise construction or any multi-story building) where you do metal fabrication, pipe lifting, stair casings, metal railing, girders, etc. is perfect for our EzRig Crane.

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steel fabrication lifting