; Industries to use a EzRig Crane | 805-643-4387


The EZ Rig Crane can be used in these industries:

  • Transport – Rail, Pipeline, Marine, Shipping, Airlines
  • Construction – pipeline, residential, commercial, equipment rental companies, warehouses, materials suppliers and storage
  • Manufacturing – aerospace, industrial, chemicals, utilities, automotive, oil and gas, general manufacturing
  • Retail – big box stores, materials management, supply chain
  • Storage – moving & storage, government warehouses
  • Boat Yards – loading and unloading, dry docking
  • Theater Arts – arranging sets, moving heavy objects around, living columns
  • Agriculture – freight terminals and haulers
  • Government – construction, agencies, storage warehouses
  • Aerospace – aircraft maintenance, manufacturers, component suppliers
  • Military – materials management, storage, construction, vehicle maintenance and repair, aircraft maintenance and repair
  • HVAC – minimize workman’s comp claims, replace chain falls
  • Metal Fabrication – Pipe, Steel, Railings, Girders
  • Treatment Plants – Water Treatment Facilities – water pump removal, water pump repair
  • Glass Installation – Watch the EZ Rig Crane in action on our industries page to help make glass installation easy
  • The applications are endless!!

“Great piece of equipment. Paid for itself on the first job.” – Joseph Koppers, Verizon