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Some of our Customers

What some of our customers have to say

certified glass install“A difficult job made rather easy. We shipped the ezrig crane to the jobsite KD, Hoisted it and assembled it in no time at all. The glass was accurately installed in less than 10 minutes.
Thank you EZRIG Crane.
Thought you might like to see your crane in action (see link)
Installing 14’x8’ pc. Of glass approx.. 700 lbs.


Salvatore Gambino
Certified Glass Corp.

Certified Glass Corp.

“Kaiser Woodland Hills will be doing an additional $75 million approx.. of expansion work to the facility.  Control Air is contracted to perform the HVAC scope of work.  This work includes replacement of 13 air handlers, 50 exhaust fans and all air terminal units, while keeping the hospital in full operation during these upgrades.  Control Air and various other subs will be utilizing the EZ Rig crane to hoist materials to the 6th level penthouse levels and for utility shaft work revisions on three of the four Kaiser Woodland Hills towers.”

EzRig Crane at Kaiser Hospital WHWill Bancroft
Project Manager

Control Air Conditioning

“Time is money, and the E-Z Rig Crane helped us do this job faster, with fewer men and lower labor cost. Our only alternative might have been a helicopter. Once we started using the E-Z Rig, everything went smoothly and safely. This is a great tool.”

Central Reclamation

“Saves man hours while increasing productivity. Nothing else can come close.”

Southland Industries, Inc.

“Great piece of equipment. Paid for itself on the first job.”



Western Air and Refrigeration, Co.

“I saved 2 employees per day on this job, by using the E-Z Rig Crane”

Action Glass

“We love it.”

Berlin Steel

EzRig Crane Customers

Some of our other customers

FAA (Federal Airforce Administration)

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) in Anchorage, Alaska purchased multiple EzRig Cranes for a variety of applications including the removal and repair of satellite antennas all over Alaska where larger cranes are inaccessible. FAA Officials who have used the EzRig Crane have shown their appreciation for the unique design and quality construction of the product and said their expectations were not only met but exceeded by the capabilities of the product. The FAA plans to purchase more units within the entire Agency in the future.

Seaway Systems, Inc

Seaway Systems, Inc., a marine contractor specializing in underwater operations to the U.S. Navy worldwide has utilized EzRig Crane for vital rigging operations within the industry. The EzRig Crane is capable of rigging materials from the docks to the boats and into the water as well, saving the company thousands of dollars in man hours and time consuming rigging operations. The company has shown interest in purchasing future units and the U.S. Navy, along with The U.S. Air force, has also shown great interest in utilizing the EzRig Crane in their daily operations.

Southland Industries, Inc

Southland Industries, Inc., one of the largest sheet metal installation corporations in the nation recently purchased an EzRig Crane to rig and install large air conditioning ducts inside of a hospital in Glendale, Ca. The EzRig Crane is taking the place of alternative time-consuming and dangerous rigging systems commonly used in the industry. Southland Industries, Inc expressed their appreciation for the EzRig Crane, and will utilize additional rigging equipment for future projects throughout the United States.

Western Air and Refrigeration

The EzRig Crane team field-tested lifting and rigging heavy pipe, piping systems and mechanical equipment in intricate positions at Amgen Pharmaceuticals. The small, dynamic EZ-Rig crane proved superior to the competition where materials were required to be lifted over existing materials, tanks and other obstructions, setting pumps on pump pads, setting tanks on tank pads and extending over the side of the building to lift up materials from the ground. These tasks are impossible and dangerous with crawler cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, chainfalls and other industrial hoist inventions on the market. Western Air and Refrigeration has purchased five small crane units to date.