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Lifting Glass to Soffit
Lifting 500 pound form
Lifting Motors and Pumps
Remove Engine Shroud
Helping Kaiser Hospital
Lowering into tight space
Lifting over the edge
Fits around odd places
Lifting Steel Girders

Video – Lifting an Alligator?

Video – Customer submitted heavy glass installation:

Video – Small Footprint Crane:

Video – Is it a lift, a hoist, a mini crane?

Video – EZ Rig Crane Steel Fabrication:

Video – EZ Rig Crane lifting over objects:

Video – EZ Rig Crane helping in an industrial manufacturing facility

Video – EZ Rig Crane maintenance for sewage treatment plant

Video – EZ Rig Crane hvac tools for sale:

Video – EZ Rig Crane President Tells about Shipping to Tight Deadlines:

Video – See how another one of our customers in the Pacific Northwest, Splash Glass, used the BLUE version of the EZ Rig Crane:

Video – Unpack Your EZ Rig Crane:

Video – Set Up Your EZ Rig Crane:

Video – Install Your EZ Rig Crane Jib Extension:

Video – EZ Rig Crane Lifting Demonstration:

Video – EZ Rig Crane Lifting Demonstration / Up Close:

Video – EZ Rig Crane Unload and Disassemble:

EZ Rig Crane Layout: