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Unique lifting and hoisting


Look at our unique lifting and hoisting examples


Human Extraction

One of our customers runs a pro dive shop and occasionally needs to rescue divers from the water.  They found the EzRig Crane to be perfect.  The portability and mobility of the crane was just right to use off the docks or from their boats.  It had the reach and lifting capacity to hoist a troubled diver out of the water.

Shark Extraction


Another potential client is looking to help their business retrieve sharks out of the water.  Some weigh as much as 2,000 pounds.

Tank Engine Repair


Another of our customers does engine repairs on tanks.  EzRig Crane can move into unique tight positions necessary to lift motors and heavy parts up and out of the tank.  Because of its reach and range of mobility the crane is an excellent tool to support military equipment repair.

Statue Placement

unique lifting of statues

A museum customer of ours answers the question “How do you move a marble statue?” with the EzRig Crane. Lifting the marble statues with their incredible but delicate weight is a snap for this crane.  The EzRig can be moved to the roof of a building in an hour and with its 135 foot of lift can hoist the statue quickly and safely into place.