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Lift and Hoist in Tight Places for a Fraction of the Cost

If you have unique lifting needs, the EZ Rig Crane is sure to fit into your work schedule. This crane is compact, durable, portable and eliminates the need to hire expensive cranes to lift up to 2,000 lbs. The ROI is extremely short term and will pay for itself for the cost of renting a crane service 3 times. Pay for the EZ Rig Crane once and you will have a tool that will help you and your crew time and again!

"Great piece of equipment.  Paid for itself on the first job." -- Joseph Koppers, Verizon


Save time, protect profits, prevent injuries

EZ Rig Crane Applications:

We are the patent holder, developer and sole manufacturer of the E-Z Rig® Portable Crane.  The EzRig crane meets the needs of the following markets.

  • Transport - Rail, Pipeline, Marine, Shipping, Airlines
  • Manufacturing - aerospace, industrial, chemicals, utilities, automotive, oil and gas, general manufacturing
  • Construction - pipeline, residential, commercial, equipment rental companies, warehouses, materials suppliers and storage 
    • HVAC
    • Glass Installation
    • Roofing
    • Beam handling and placement
    • Granite / Marble Installation
    • Pipe
    • Steel
  • Retail - big box stores, materials management, supply chain
  • Storage - moving & storage, government warehouses
  • Boat Yards - loading and unloading, dry docking
  • Theater Arts - arranging sets, moving heavy objects around, living columns
  • Agriculture - freight terminals and haulers
  • Government - construction, agencies, storage warehouses
  • Aerospace - manufacturers, component suppliers
  • Military - materials management, storage, construction, vehicle maintenance and repair, aircraft maintenance and repair
  • HVAC - minimize workman's comp claims, replace chain falls
  • Water / Waste Water and Utility Plants - Remove, replace or Install - Pumps, Blowers, Mixers and Motors
  • Metal Fabrication - Pipe, Steel, Railings, Girders
  • Glass Installation – Watch the EZ Rig Crane in action on our industries page to help make glass installation easy
  • The applications are endless!!

If you have a need to reduce risk of injury, save money and time in doing routine lifting tasks, EZ Rig Crane is your answer because it can:

Get through a standard doorway

Get to places a forklift, Gantry or other cranes cannot

Lift or lower over obstacles

Lift 2,000 pounds

Lift up to 26 feet high

Lift or lower objects from 130 feet below

On this website you can see videos of our mini crane in action, learn about its features and capabilities, and see what others say on our testimonials page. Feel free to contact us via our contact page or call us with question or for a quote, 805-643-4387.

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