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Accessories for use with the EZ Rig Crane

 ACP-12 Shield. Part Number 101081

This is the complete kit. If you want only the plastic shield (no mounting hardware) order part number 100815.


ACP-12 ShieldACP-22 Handle. Part Number 101082


ACP-22 Handle

ACP-52 Trolley. Part Number 101083

Rated for 1200 lbs. Side plates are adjustable to accommodate beam widths from 3.5″ to 6″.

ACP-52 Trolley

ACP-65 Drum Dividier. Part Number 101084

Allows a second cable to be attached to the drum.


ACP-65 Drum Dividier

ACP-56 Cable Guard. Part Number 101085

Prevents cable from going over drum flanges.

ACP-56 Cable Guard

ACP-58 Cable Guard. Part Number 101086

ACP-58 Cable Guard