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Accessories for use with the EZ Rig Crane

 ACP-12 Shield. Part Number 101081

This is the complete kit. If you want only the plastic shield (no mounting hardware) order part number 100815.


ACP-22 Handle.Part Number 101082


ACP-52 Trolley. Part Number 101083

Rated for 1200 lbs. Side plates are adjustable to accommodate beam widths from 3.5″ to 6″.

ACP-65 Drum Dividier. Part Number 101084

Allows a second cable to be attached to the drum.


ACP-56 Cable Guard. Part Number 101085

Prevents cable from going over drum flanges.



ACP-58 Cable Guard. Part Number 101086


Replacement Parts

If you get back from using our EZ Rig Crane and you find some parts missing or damaged, we have you covered. Every part to our crane is listed here and can be ordered through Amazon. Just click on the part and it will take you there so you take care of the issue. (These are definitely not to scale, as we have 1/2 inch hitch pins and 6 foot masts all on this page).