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One of the handiest HVAC tools for sale on the market today is the EzRig Crane, a device that was actually invented by an HVAC technician to make his job easier. (See 1 minute video to see how. And then for more information, look at the picture below and watch a demonstration of an HVAC contractor lifting ducting up the side of a building.)

He noticed a lot of workman’s compensation claims getting filed due to technicians bending and contorting their bodies to lift some of the ducting at weird angles, where with the device he invented was free to roll around the facility and could lift up to 2,000 pounds and even come in through the standard 3 foot doorways.

HVAC tools for sale, the EzRig Crane
Other means like chain falls or jib cranes worked on fixed locations, but the EzRig crane could roll into places many other devices couldn’t get into.

Since that time the EzRig Crane has been used by a number of HVAC contractors to make their jobs safer and easier and even producing a good rate of return on their investment.

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